Company policy

Politik der Gesellschaft
Company policy

Company policy:

  1. The objective of all our activities is always 100 % fulfilment of customer requirements regarding quality of the product.
  2. Our relationship with customers is never over at the moment of delivery of our product.
  3. Each of our employees is convinced regarding the importance of providing quality for the company´s prosperity and is aware of his/her responsibilities and competences.
  4. Environmental protection and minimization of negative impacts are among the basic principles of functioning of our company.
  5. Equally important commitment is to provide a safe and ergonomic working environment for our employees and other concerned persons.
  6. Observance of all related legal and other requirements in the area of OHS and environmental protection is a matter of course for us.
  7. In the area of OHS as well as in environmental protection we promote the principle of prevention. All suggestions or real threats are always treated in a responsible way and measures for improvement are introduced.
  8. We are committed to constant improvement of our management system.